About Us

Hello and welcome to VOLT CONTROL SYSTEM !

The Volt Control System, Pune, India specializes in the manufacturing of Winding Components and we are mainly working for customize solution.

We as volt control system come with 30 years of experience in manufacturing of various electrical components and products.

Since we have started in 2006, we have continously enlarged our product range as per industrial demands, focusing on quality solutions and best services we could offer. Today we can deliver our solutions to almost all popular industries as per their special requirements.

We are leading producer of winding components and customize manufacturing,We build technologies and provide engineering service that address most complex solutions in various industries i.e. Aviation, Machine tool industry, Food Industry, Automobile industry, Oil and natural gas industries, chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. Textile industries. Also In defense and research institutes

Continuous assessment with the quality of raw material and finished products we manufacture and customer-centric after-sales services,we are able to achieve the milestone we are at today.

We believe we can achieve more success with the support of our customers.

Where challenges faced by industry and OEM, Our well managed and automated unit at pune enables us to provide the best quality products and solutions in various fields like we are such engineered with confidence, our reliable solutions put engineering efforts to work efficiently and enhance your productivity & profitability that is our prime motto.
Business :
We provide our services and reliable solutions as per the requirement to all over India and selected countries in the world like Middle east countries, Some African Countries and Shrilanka.

From the start of the organization we always tried to put ourselves in wider aspect when services are concerned. We have worked in Machine tool industry, Food Industry, Automobile industry, Oil and natural gas industries, chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. Textile industries. Also In defense and research institutes, Aviation industries as well.

International clients can interact with us as we have developed interactive forum for the international clients as per the requirement. You can just describe the enquiry in detail so that we can quote the required product even though we are taking very specialized custom made applications as per customers technical sheet.

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Our History :
The foundation of Volt Control system began in 2003, where we started dimmer winding for electric companies in Pune. Due to rapid market capture and timely delivery we were able to bag works for Dimmer manufacturing in Mid 2004 where we provided assembly services to OEMs.

We registered our Company as "Volt Control System" in 2005.

In 2006, We manufactured our first Single phase Stabilizer and never looked back we were renowned Single phase stabilizer manufacturing unit in Pune MIDC area till 2008.

In 2006 we also deployed Test batch to IIT for demonstration purposes, which was our first delivery of product out of MAHARASHTRA.

In mid-2007 we started manufacturing Single Phase transformer and DC rectifier, and we are still manufacturing these products as per the requirement of the client, providing the best quality and services.

At the Start of the year 2008, we first provided the solution to our client manufacturing Three phase Stabilizer, as modification in the same product we also manufactured oil cooled Stabilizer, Which is more efficient and durable. 20l0 was the year where we included Other products into our list like CVT, inductive Load bank etc.

From 2010 onwards we concentrated on enlarging our solutions and services to the wider areas, starting from India we dealt internationally to the clients, in the Middle East, very few African companies and Shrilanka.

After successfully providing solutions with complex conditions in various fields and countries, we wanted to leave footmarks in renewable energy in years to come so, in 2015 we started providing Solar rooftop systems, Solar On-grid, and Solar OFF-grid systems.