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About Us

The Volt Control System, Pune, India specializes in the manufacturing of Winding Components and we are mainly working for customize solution.
We as volt control system come with 30 years of experience in manufacturing of various electrical components and products.

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Voltage Stabilizers

We are one of well known suppliers of Servo Voltage Stabilizer in the market. These Stabilizers are highly efficient and functional and offers continuous performance for longer period of time.


Our product are widely demanded in the market for there various features. In order to cater to the various requirements of the clients, these are fabricated according to their exact specification.

Battery Charger

Battery Chargers are constant voltage devices with built - in current limiting feature and accurate voltage regulation for optimized performance. These chargers are designed to charge all types batteries.


Dimmer is continuously variable voltage auto - transformer. It is the most effective device for step less break less & continuous control of AC voltage